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Beautiful isn't it...

... We'd like to keep it that way.
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If you would too, there is good news...

Ergorest mobile forearm supports are mostly made from aluminium, steel and genuine leather.  Nearly all of an Ergorest can be easily recycled.

There is still a small percentage of plastic in the design, bare with us, we're working on that!

Our product packaging is kept to a minimum and consists of cardboard and paper - easily recycled.  There is no un-necessary plastic or fancy box designs.  It is what is in the box that is important right?

If you buy more than one Ergorest, you might receive an already recycled outer box.  If we receive packaging in a re-usable condition, guess what?  we keep it and re-use it!


Single Ergorest orders will be despatched in plain old brown paper.  Dull? maybe, but highly easy to recycle once more.  We hope you agree!

Ergorest Finland - The home of Ergorest - take their environmental commitments seriously too...

"Environmental friendliness and sustainable development are an essential part of our production and commercial operations. Our aim is to continuously reduce environmental impact and to use raw materials and energy effectively.

The raw materials and packaging we use are as environmentally friendly as possible, and each employee at our company is responsible for environmental friendliness in his or her own work.


We work with responsible partners in cooperation and implement our environmental policy in accordance with the principles of the ISO 14001 standard.


We comply with valid legislation, regulations and commitments and are open with regard to our operations and their impact on the environment.

We are very nature conscious and green values are important to us. Our industrial wastebaskets are emptied only once a month, we recycle papers and cardboard, we recycle aluminium and plastic waste too."

We don't have fleets of vans out delivering.  We rely on and use existing methods of delivery, such as Royal Mail and on occasion, a courier.  They are already in your area and it makes no sense to us to add pollution and worsen congestion.


We will strive to find ever cleaner ways of running our business and are committed to working hand in hand with our partners to find

greener solutions at every opportunity.

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