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Musculoskeletal problems are the most common work related injuries in modern office work, the most common cause of these injuries is bad ergonomics and poor posture.

Musculoskeletal complaints are some of the most frequent amongst office workers.

The use of Ergorest forearm supports decreases not only wrist, neck and shoulder injury symptoms but also work related absense by up to 50%

Ergonomics pays for itself...

Ergorest are a world leading manufacturer of forearm supports and were established in 1988.  Their solutions are designed to improve ergonomics in multiple areas with the most popular being computer usage at home or in the office, assembly operations and industrial manufacturing applications.

Ergonomics is a worthwhile investment in productivity and job satisfaction.  No one likes to work in discomfort or worse, pain.  It is an investment which pays for itself over time.  Computer work can strain your neck, shoulders, wrists and hands causing serious injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Ergorest have designed their products with these symptoms in mind.

Be Relieved.
Ergorests Can be Used:
  • At the office

  • In the home

  • For studying

  • Whilst gaming

  • To help with impairment or limited mobility

  • For repetitive computing tasks

  • On production lines

  • And for delicate close work such as dentistry and beauty treatments

Optimum Support...

Ergorest brings immediate relief to hand, neck and back strain.  It supports the arms and eases work related tension by encouraging the whole body to adopt a natural and posturally correct working position.

Ergorest forearm supports are designed with functionality in mind.  Their durable double support structure is made of cast aluminium guaranteeing firm support and a smooth flowing movement.

Whilst understandable, people buy 'ergonomic wrist rests' motivated by recommendation, cost and the need to 'do something' to help themselves.


We don't believe in them.  They are an improvement on resting the arms on the hard edge of a desk but they still put pressure on the underside of the wrist.  These soft, delicate parts of the forearm are where the tendons and main arteries to  your hands are.  Putting pressure on these points restricts the flow of blood and free movement of the tendons, causing such conditions as tendinitis, repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.


If used correctly, Ergorest forearm supports support the weight of the arm at the more muscular part of the forearm, resulting in no pressure being placed directly under the wrist. 

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Tired and Tense Shoulders, Neck or Upper Back

  • Correcting Poor Posture

  • Improving Concentration

Robust Design
Tool Free Set-Up

Ergorests clamp to your existing work surface.  Be that a desk, counter, kitchen worktop, in fact, any sturdy flat surface.

No tools are required.

Integrated height adjustment of the forearm support allows to you to find your personal level of comfort and support.

Each Ergorest has two points of height adjustment and three axis points of rotation which ensure your arm(s) are supported with every movement you make.

We're often heard saying in our ergonomic world that, any 'ergonomic' product should be designed to adjust to you and not you to it.  Ergorests do the former as they will adjust effortlessly as you move your arms around your workspace.

So, Who Are We?

Based in the Chilterns and blessed with beautiful surroundings, Office Ergonomics Limited have an established, reliable reputation for importing and distributing Rohde & Grahl high end German ergonomic seating.  We have been doing so since 1994.  When we started out, very few had heard of the word ergonomics.  We have practiced, educated  and guided many of our customers in the science of posture.  When you invest in a product we know this is only part of a solution, applying it correctly is key, otherwise, you don't get the full benefit of your investment.  Given half a chance, we will happily provide guidance on what you are buying and how to use it correctly.


This website, our sister website, is dedicated to ErgoRest forearm supports.  We see many fads come and go and many ergonomic products are introduced to us but we only sell what we believe in.  They have to be high quality products, which are not only well designed but are, most importantly, beneficial to our customers.  Ergorest products are excellent and we are fully on board with the thinking and research behind their development.

We are real people with a physical UK business location.

We are a small but knowledgeable company who come from a back ground of actually talking to our customers.  This is our website yes but we don't hide behind it, much preferring  to talk to our customers.

No question is irrelevant or order too small.  If you are unsure and wish to talk to us, please do!

In an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we enjoy the seasons as they change around us and for reasons we do not understand, like to marvel at the tending of crops that goes on opposite us.  Or as we like to call it 'tractor action'!

Product Range


Easy to clean leather pads can be wiped down effortlessly



simply clamp to your existing



Ergorests are made from cast aluminium making them strong and durable


Highly engineered axis

points ensure dynamic

movement as you change your posture


Ergorests are not handed

and can be used on the left or the right



We aim to despatch all

popular models within

24 hours